Waterlandia: Now live at Scitech

Posted by on Dec 6, 2013 in Art, News

Here’s an update for one of the projects that I worked on this half year, Waterlandia, an interactive display currently on show at Scitech.
Waterlandia is a giant interactive touch screen display which allows users to draw lines on the screen to direct the flow of water from rain. By drawing or erasing  lines and directing the water, you will discover animations and can change the whole environment of the game from dry to wet! It is aimed at teaching people about the water cycle and the many uses of water.

Concept art for Waterlandia (How-to: “Draw lines with your finger, erase with your palm”)

This exhibit was developed by the team at Scitech in partnership with Hungry Sky and myself for Scitech and the Water Corporation. I created all of the artwork and 2D assets for the display. Here is some shots of what I created for the display:

A shot of the full scene of Waterlandia, (Dry state).

Farmer: Once of the animated characters from Waterlandia.

Concept artwork/style reference for Waterlandia.

This was a huge project but extremely rewarding. I saw the final display recently and it was great to see adults and children alike enjoying it.

I love being a part of productions like this, it was so exciting to see the process of my artwork being animated, programmed and then finally becoming a part of this huge display. I really want to thank Hungry Sky for bringing me on board for this project, and the team at Scitech for making this real.

Waterlandia is currently on at Scitech in West Perth. I invite you to come and check it out, play around and see what you can discover! Scitech also had this rad Ingenious! exhibition on right now, all about engineering which I got to see recently. check it out!