Team Astronaut Now Live at Scitech!

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in Art, News

Hey everyone,

So here’s the first of a few well-overdue posts of what I’ve been up to this year while working at Hungry Sky!

Team Astronaut is a game I made with Scitech for their Astronaut exhibition which is now live.


Team Astronaut is a team game for 2-4 players. You are presented with a switchboard on your screen along with commands you need to shout out to your crew, at the same time you need to listen for your own commands and follow them. Basically you get to shout at your friends. I created the artwork and animation for this game and the wizards at Scitech put it all together. Here’s some shots of the set-up:




I went in the other day to play it, which is great because sometimes I don’t get to see this finished product of jobs I work on. It was so satisfying to see it in action and everyone enjoying it!

Astronaut is now on at Scitech, go here for more info~!