Secrets of the Maritime Museum Trail

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Art, News

The Secrets of the Maritime Museum is an interactive ipad trail now live at the Maritime Museum in Fremantle. Users can hire an iPad Mini from the front desk (for free!) and search the museum to unlock extra content for 12 different displays. The trail includes archival footage, interactive content, games, AR content and much more. Look for the “Secrets of the Maritime Museum” stickers around the museum to find the 12 displays.


This was another project I worked on this year at Hungry Sky. It was such a massive project, I created a lot of content for it and it really stretched my skill-set! I created illustrations, animations, 3D models and animations and even audio and video editing!

I got to go back to the museum the other day to test out the trail so I grabbed some photos:



Pssst….My favorite secrets are for Megamouth and Jon Sanders’ the Parry Endeavour!


The secrets of the Maritime Museum trail is only available at the Maritime Museum in Fremantle. It is free to hire upon entry, and is accessible for visitors of all ages. Please ask our friendly staff at the Front Desk of the Maritime Museum for more information. More information on the trail can be found here.