Miner to Magnate Quiz for the WA Museum

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in Art, News

Hey there!

Here’s another job that I worked on last year but only went live recently.

I illustrated an online quiz for the Western Australian Museum’s Unearthed: Mining stories form the Mid West Exhibition, once again through Hungry Sky.
The Quiz consists of 18 comic strip style illustrations and is aimed at teaching users about the history of mining in West Australia, while entertaining them and then testing their knowledge!

I had a lot of fun drawing up the ideas for this, the content was originally quite dry, so while the humor is incredibly silly (and questionable…)

I still learn a lot from this job and got to draw poop to boot!
I can now proudly put this on my resume:

These are just some of my favorite drawings from the quiz:


You can try out the quiz online here at the WA Museum’s website.

Give it a go, you might learn something amusing!