Dinosaur Discovery Interactives at WA Museum

Posted by on Apr 15, 2014 in Art, News

So it’s been a while since a proper update on what I’ve been doing this whole time. I’ve done a few jobs since (some from last year) which are only now going live/completed, so I can properly share them with you.
All lame excuses aside though, I am on a nice little Eater term break from teaching at WCI, so I have the time to update my website, which I will continue to post to this week with more updates!

Today, some news to share on a most recently completed job for the Dinosaur Discovery exhibition at the Western Australian Museum which I worked on in partnership with once again the fabulous team at Hungry Sky.

Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous is a new exhibition at the WA Museum displaying more than 20 life-size animatronic dinosaurs including a whopping t-rex, spinosaurus and brachiosaurus.

As part of the exhibition I was involved in the creation of three ipad interactives designed to entertain and inform visitors about the evolution, extinction and discovery of dinosaurs. These were displayed throughout the exhibition:

The ipad interactives play like a swipe-across storybook, they have multiple illustrated layers which move at different speeds as you swipe, creating a simple animation effect. I painted the graphics on each layer for all three, here are some images from the interactives (click to enlarge):

The exhibition started last Friday the 11th April, I met up with the team and we went to check out the exhibition together. I was really impressed! The exhibition has been a great success so far and lots of tickets have sold, it was quite busy when we arrived.
There are also a number of other ipad interactives that Hungry Sky worked on for this including a free downloadable augmented reality (AR) app for your smartphone, which allows you to view dinosaur models and animations through your phone camera at certain markers around the exhibition. The markers are also on the tickets you buy, each with a different dinosaur, meaning you can collect and trade them!
……And don’t forget to open your app up on the poster out the front!

I can honestly say that everyone has done a great job and it’s a fantastic exhibit, there really is so much going on packed into that space. As someone who dreamed of being a paleontologist when she was younger, this was pretty exciting for me and I have to say I felt pretty happy when the idea of painting dinosaurs was proposed.

I want to say a big thank you to the WA Museum and especially to the wonderful team at Hungry Sky, that is Nick Lowe, Minh Tran and Felix Wai for their crazy hard work on this and for getting me involved, it’s so satisfying to see this complete and so many people enjoying it, and as always a pleasure to work with you all. And that rainbow jelly~

The Dinosaur Discovery exhibition is running at the West Australian Museum in Perth from the 11 Apr 2014 –  3 Aug 2014, more information and tickets can be purchased online here.