Blush Box goes to Lyst Game Jam

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Adventures, News


I’m excited to be working with Bea Bravo, Katie Stegs, Kim Allom and Michelle Osbourne as team Blush Box; a group of 5 women, whose goal is to attend Lyst Summit in Norway this year, and compete in the Lyst Game Jam!
We are raising money to send all 5 of us to Norway this year. You can help us reach our goal by sponsoring, continuing to our Gofundme, buying merchandise on our website, or by simply sharing this post!
Last Summit is about exploring the themes of love and sex in video games, help us bring all this lovely, sexy goodness back home to Australia.

Our goals for this project are:
– Enlisting a team of emerging female developers with various roles in games from around Australia
– Sending them to Norway to learn about sex and romance in games and to make a game at Lyst
– Bringing back what we’ve learnt to give talks about the experience in our local industries
– Set up similar events for the community

How you can help!
– Sponsor us, see our prospectus here!

- Donate Directly to our Go Fundme!

- Buy some of Bea’s Comics

Blush Box Website:

These artworks were created by the talented Beatriz Bravo! You can check out her artwork on her website here~!13346990_10153629903416409_7562014658846509819_n