Notebook sketches and an angel.

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A style I’ve been playing around with for a while. It lets me experiment with shapes, colours and nice page layouts so I think I’ll try more of this! It starts out as a small simple sketch like the ones below:


I occasionally doodle in my notebook while my students are busy working. Eventually I’d like to render these as colour pieces like the angel above, but for now they will exist with the other many brain farts in my note pad.

A day at the zoo.

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The reptile enclosure.

Wetlands area.

Lion and galapagos tortoise.


African savanna area.

Noctournal house animals.

Today we took the Cert III Multimedia students to the zoo for their life drawing unit excursion! (Gotta say that’s one of the best things about being a teacher :D) I got the chance to sketch some animals myself which I actually haven’t done before. Life drawing like this makes me realize just how impatient I am with drawing. These sketches have been added to the Sketchbook.


Aquixel Studios Logo Design

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I recently created a logo for Aquixel Studios, the 3D Animation studio I occasionally work with. Originally the studio was to be called Blue Ring Studios, which I created many octopus themed concepts for but the name later changed to Aquixel. I also created a mock up of a possible website design for them. The above logo is the completed design and below are the website designs and some concept sketches I did in my design process. I like this little squirrel guy, he might give me the chance to do some supporting pixel art in the future!

Aquixel Website Designs. Home page and information pages.

Original Aquixel logo concept sketches.

Alice in WCIT Land: WCIT Cine-Ad

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Last year, the studio put together a cinema advert for the West Coast Institute of Training. The Timmy Monster concept was a possible idea for the Cine-Ad, but after West Coast Alice had been redesigned and built, we decided to use her instead, as the time we were given to create the advert was very short. We ended up producing this within 4 weeks! This is the final advert that played in Perth cinemas from around January to February 2012 (please excuse the bad quality video, this is the only version WCIT has put online):

[fbvideo id=”273691462691146″ height=”315″ width=”560″]


My job in this was mostly in the concept stage for art and storyboarding. I later worked on painting the textures for the 3D objects and characters. I also did a bit of motion capture too…I ended up being Alice in the motion capture suit! (Being the only girl in the studio it was bound to happen) . I’d never done this before but it was pretty fun jumping around in a kind of wetsuit all day.

Rabbit Model Sheet Concept

Hero Tree and Bushes Concept Art

The original storyboards.

It was a great experience to work with everyone and although I didn’t get to see the ad as it was playing while I was in Japan, it was still exciting to know that our work was on the big screen. It was a big effort on everyone’s part and it could not have been completed in time without the skills of everyone involved. Here’s a big thank you to everyone who worked on this; Josh Bryson, Scott Gilchrist, Andrew Mabey, Vincent Jones, Lindsay Fleay, Phil Jeng Kane and Travis Badge.



West Coast Alice Redesign

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So the West Coast Institute of Training has a mascot character called Alice, who is a 3d character that they use for animated adverts, posters etc.

This is what she used to look like:


Just look at those eyes.

Anyway, it was my job to redesign this character so that she could be rebuilt in 3D and used in future projects. I took inspiration from a few Disney princesses to do this one. I went through quite bit of concept sketching including eye studies and different body shapes before we decided on one. I worked back and forth with Josh, our 3D modeller, to make sure her final design would translate well to 3D. We were looking for a slightly more realistic proportioned model as well, as Alice would be used for Motion Capture in the future.

Alice Body Type sketches.

Different eyes for Alice.

The final Alice design, coloured.

Once we had confirmed the final design above, I then went on to create her reference and model sheets so that she could be built and rigged in 3d!

Facial Reference Sheet

Alice Model Sheet.

And here’s the finished model, complete with painted textures! Modelled and rigged by Josh Bryson, designed and textured by myself. This image includes another character we made for a cinema advert which I will go into detail later…Now that Alice has finished her makeover, she’s ready to be used in future projects at WCIT!

WCIT Cine Ad Pitch: Timmy the Monster

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Timmy the monster: The main character.

Robot concept sketches: Timmy’s little partner.

Other monster designs, background characters.

Last year, the studio was asked to come up with some ideas for a possible Cine Ad (cinema advertisement) for the West Coast Institute of Training, and to eventually pitch the ideas to marketing. Our aim was to create a short 3D animated advert which would attract future students to the college. One of the concepts we worked on was the story of Timmy the monster, and his adventures in the monster world version of WCIT. Being in a monster world, this required a lot of character design so I created a lot of different monster designs left over from designing Timmy, in case we needed them in the future for background characters.

For the pitch, I created a few illustrations to convey our ideas of Timmy’s design, Timmy’s little robot sidekick, and some examples of other possible monsters. We didn’t have much time to create these so it was a good experience in fast concept sketching! Here are some of the concept illustrations I made.

WAM BAM 2011: The Legend of Bob Mason.

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Now, you’re probably wondering what the fuck you just watched. Let me tell you the tale of the legendary Bob Mason, pastry chef. Take a seat.

The Legend of Bob Mason Title Illustration

Our WAMBAM team’s logo.

Last year I took part in WAM BAM, a competition where teams are given 48 hours to complete a short animation, based on three random words that they are given at the start.
Our words: Green, hate and door. So naturally, we came up with a story about a pastry chef who is summoned by the magical fairy bread to save a princess from a giant toaster.

A chest I textured for the animation.

My job in this animation was to paint all the textures for the 3D models, create the title illustrations and to build small background objects. Yes, being a 3D animation studio, we decided to do the insane task of creating a 4 minute long 3d animation and render it within the 48 hours. Unfortunately, it was too insane for our render farm and we did not complete the animation in time for the deadline. But I had an amazing time though and creating this with the team was a lot of fun, I look forward to doing it again this year.

Evil Minion

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Last year I was lucky enough to work on some character designs for a short animation called Evil Minion, by Liam Lucas and Tanya Beeson.

Evil Minion follows the story of Zak, and evil minion in search of a job that doesn’t end in failure for him and his evil overlord.
For me it was an interesting project that gave me a chance to test my character design skills in a style that I don’t usually draw in. Evil Minion is to be rendered in 3D, which is another thing I had to keep in mind while designing these characters. The project has currently been put on hold, I’m not sure if it will ever be completed but I thought I’d share the rough concept sketches I came up with at the time.

Some of the characters I designed were: Luna, the sexy secretary for the Moon Master. The Mole, an evil mastermind who lives underground, and Clockestopheles, the evil master of Clocks.

Japan Trip 2012

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I was lucky enough to go to Japan in January, I had been planning this trip for quite a while so I was pretty darn excited to go back there after 5 years ago when I went there for the first time. This time I brought my boyfriend with me, who like in my first trip there, hadn’t seen snow before. This was both exhausting and exciting since we were coming from a 40+ degrees summer to below zero temperatures.

One of my definite highlights was our visit to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. For those of you who are not familliar with Studio Ghibli’s work, they are an animation studio who have made many beautifully animated movies such as Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.The studio is known for it’s detailed 2D animation, painted backgrounds and it’s quirky little creatures.

I have been a fan for quite a while, so when I finally got to see the background paintings of my favorite movies up close, I actually started crying!

Yeah that was pretty lame,

but it was so inspiring to see the paintings, sketches and storyboards of my favorite movies up close. After that day I just couldn’t wait to get back and start painting again.

Besides geeking out in the cities and going to Disney Sea, we actually spent a lot of time traveling around and visiting the temples, which is one of my favorite things about Japan. I managed to get some lovely photos, but they really don’t do these lovely places justice. The plants and scenery were even prettier with snow everywhere.

I was also in Japan for my birthday, which we spent skiing. Now, this was my first time skiing, so I wouldn’t say the first few landings off the chair lift were graceful, but I completed the day without any bones broken so I’m pretty darn proud of that.

Japan is such a wonderfully colourful country with so many interesting things to see and do. The people are polite and put so much effort into the the everyday tasks. I came home fully inspired and I already can’t wait to go back there again someday.

Wanimate Life Drawing Session 2

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I went to another life drawing session for Wanimate members.

This time we had a female model who also happened to do yoga so she was able to do some great poses for us.
 I don’t feel that I did as well this time, I definitely wasn’t paying attention to how long these drawings were taking me and ended up with a lot of half finished drawings.
There are a few here that I am quite happy with however, and I did get to try out some different mediums like charcoal and copic markers!
Here are some of this sessions drawings, they range from 2 to 20 minute time limits: