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There is now a “Useful Links” in the sidebar, which will direct you to some wonderful local artists and friends of mine with all kinds of talents. I will be adding more in future. Please take some time to check out these awesome skills:



Comic-Con Sketches

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So I recently went to Comic-Con working at the ADT booth for Aquixel Studios. I basically spent the day doing live digital painting which is always fun and attracts a crowd. Here’s a couple of the doodles I did that day.

Flare, a little flame sprite.

Heavyblade armor design doodle.



Storybook Series: Message for Tom

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Another artwork as Part of the Storybook Series.
Now available at the SHOP.
This one actually has silver pen on it which shines in the light.

“Message for Tom”
Original artwork, copic markers, coloured pencils and silver pen.
“Tom. Come in. Can you hear me?
Please respond. We do not have a signal. Please confirm your position. Air supply is showing critical.
A rescue pod is on it’s way, hang on-”

Online Shop!

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This is just a quick update, I have added a SHOP page to the website, where you can buy the original illustrations from the Storybook Series, and occasionally a limited supply of available prints.

The Shop is a simple PayPal cart system, simply click “Add to Cart” of the artwork you wish to buy, and a cart will appear in the sidebar with your total and a checkout button.

For more information on ordering from the Shop, have a look at the Shipping and FAQ page, or alternatively, if you are concerned about anything just contact me via email at

To answer a recurring question: yes, I do commissions! To commission a Storybook Series illustration it is $50 (which includes the frame, does not include shipping). I can most certainly do custom artwork such as portraits or illustrations. If you are interested in a custom artwork, then please contact me at the email address above for a quote!



Richard Dean Anderson Portrait

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This weekend, I went to Perth’s first Oz Comic-Con. I was working at the ADT booth for Aquixel Studios, doing live digital painting for the Saturday (which I will post artwork for later). Many international guests attend these cons for signings and autographs etc. Now I’ve been to a few ‘cons now, or as many as we get here in little Perth, but I’ve never actually paid to go and see a celebrity, I sort of just end up pacing up and down the signing areas, looking from afar (creepy, I know). This year some big names arrived such as William Shatner and Jason Momoa (who I ran into randomly on the first day! <3 ), and Richard Dean Anderson.

Now, for anyone who doesn’t know, I am a huge Stargate fan, particularly of SG-1. I just couldn’t miss the chance to meet the one and only Captain Jack O’Neill from one of my favorite TV series I watched growing up. So to show my appreciation. I decided to paint a portrait as a gift for RDA. I’m glad I got it finished and printed in time, actually meeting the guy was really brief and rushed, since there were so many people. I know it’s pretty lame, but I hope he likes it! I got him to sign a print for myself to keep.

The finished painting.

Printed Copies.

Signed by the man himself!

Storybook Series: Flora’s Hat

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Another artwork as part of the Storybook Series, this artwork was created as a commission for someone.

“Flora’s Hat” (Original)
SOLD: Commission for Tanya Beeson
Copic Markers and Coloured Pencils
“Flora bravely waded out into the lake to retrieve her hat.
A sudden “SPLASH!” startled her…it was Peony playing tricks with the water!”


Storybook Series: framed ilustrations

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I’ve started creating a  series of small, hand drawn illustrations for sale. Each one is an original artwork by myself, created using copic markers/watercolours and coloured pencils. I am considering setting up an online shop to my website to sell these. (In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing one please send me an email to They are $50 each and all come framed and with a short written story. here are some of the ones I have created so far:

The Cat and the Bees (Original)
Copic markers and coloured pencils on watercolour paper.
“Arthur is back for round two. He carefully climbed the tree and hid in the flowers…. just out of reach in reach of the golden honey.”



Little Blue (Original)
Copic markers and coloured pencils on watercolour paper.
“Blue is so small that he can float with the dandelions on the cool afternoon breeze.”


Pepper the Charmander (Fan Art)
Copic markers and coloured pencils on watercolour paper.
“Pepper the Charmander loves popping candy so much. When he eats it, the flame on his tail crackles with excitement.”


Little Green (Original)
Copic markers and coloured pencils on watercolour paper.
“Green is a happy little moth. She spends her day finding a comfy flower to rest in once the sun goes down and the lights become too strong.”

Sun Spirit

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A new illustration, added to the Gallery and Illustrationpages.

Painted in Photoshop, too many hours.

WAMBAM 2012: Redbugs

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[youtube 3yMEG3PLpDo]

So our team won the 2012 WAMBAM 48-hour animation competition! It was a big surprise considering there was some amazing competition and a lot more entrants this year, but our team of 5 came out on top with our entry, Redbugs.

 Redbugs title screen.

For those unfamiliar with the competition, WAMBAM is an annual competition organized by Wanimate and held at the college I work at for the weekend. Teams are given three random words and 48 hours to produce an animation in any way they choose.

Bugs Close-up.

Our words were “Tomato Red”, “Pride”, and “Trance”. Our team was the only one to enter a 3D animation.


Compared to last year’s entry, our team was assembled quite last minute so we arrived with no pre-made ideas or assets this time. Instead, each member actually came up with their own potential story based on the three words and we then spent the night debating until we chose one to fully animate. We ended up going with a simple gag idea I had scribbled out, I then spent the rest of the first night storyboarding my idea out for everyone, so we could get started straight away the next day.

Original storyboard.

This is literally the kind of quick sketches I gave to the modellers for character design!

From then on, my tasks were to texture and paint anything that needed texturing or painting. I created stills, credit pages, backgrounds, title pages and textured all the models. We planned everything well and things went a lot more smoothly this time…we even had enough time to eat!

 Background painted for the main Redbugs scene.

Credits screen

I’m really happy with the results, it’s a little clunky in areas, but not bad for a weekend’s work! Watching it now still makes me giggle. It was a great feeling to have worked hard and created a wining animation over the space of just a weekend. So a big thanks to everyone on the team Andrew, Josh, Jaron and Ryan who made this happen! (I hope you enjoy your prizes!) Also a big thanks to Wanimate and the West Coast Institute of Training for organizing the weekend.

 Our Team’s title screen: Dancing Dinosaurs II: Raptor’s Revenge

The team “Dancing Dinosaurs II: Raptor’s Revenge”:

Andrew Mabey







Bob Mason tune player

Lauren Fletcher

Original concept

Texture artist

Storyboard artist

Matte painter

Art director

Joshua Bryson


3D modeller

3D rigging

Lindsay feeder

Jaron Green


3D modeler


Foley artist


Ryan Elliot


3D modeller

3D rigging


Foley artist

Writes in pink

There were plenty of amazing entries so please go check them out on Wanimate’s Youtube Channel. My personal favorites being Fisherman’s Dozen which came second place and Sailboat.


Practice with copic markers

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I’ve had a bit more time lately to just play around and do some quick practice painting with copic markers. I’ve usually used a pen line art in the past but I just found out that coloured pencils work just as well as a line art. This is great for me because I find pencil much easier to control and it gives me a much wider range of colours to use for the line art. It gives a more softer, almost storybook look to it!

A quick self portrait doodle.

A Charmander!