The Ethereal Artbook

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So a while ago (quite a while ago!) I posed about the Ethereal Artbook I was creating an illustration for. I received my copy and now I finally have a chance to show you the artwork I created for this project. Before you look, did you guess which colour I was given?…


Well, my sense of colour is a bit extreme, but I really wanted to do something involving a forest to play with all the beautiful colours that mix with green. Green for some reason mixes so well with many colours, which is why it’s my favorite colour! That sounds a bit generic, but I focused on the story aspect of this. It’s also quite obvious where my kite is in this scene, so I decided it would be a good start to the story. Here’s a full shot:

Created entirely with coloured pencils, inks and copic markers on watercolour paper, it’s titled (quite loosely) as “This is a bad idea”…but I think the girl looks like she can handle herself! That bear is way too sleepy anyway.

The Ethereal Artbook is an Australian project organized by Stephanie Lee and Miwa Akai to help raise money for RedKite, a foundation that works closely with children living with cancer. The book cover itself is illustrated by Stephanie (GreyRadian on DeviantArt), an incredibly talented friend of mine, do check out her other artwork here.

The book itself is beautiful and features artists form all over the world. I’d like to thank both of these artists for putting in the effort to see this project through, well done. It was great fun working on this and I’m glad to be a part of it.

For donations or more information on RedKite charity please see their website here.


Virtual Plein Air

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There’s this fantastic Facebook group called Virtual Plein Air, where artists take screenshots from Google Street View and paint them. I’ve been following it and it’s a fantastic source of inspiration for landscape artwork and there’s a great range of styles within the group. I decided to give it a go myself, so here’s my digital painting of “Unnamed Road” in Naters, Switzerland:

(Here’s the original Google link)

(Click for larger view)

Here’s some closer bits…

This was really fun to do for some quick landscape practice. I’d actually started giving this activity to students for landscape and perspective practice, and I’d really recommend checking it out.

Pokemon Scarf Series

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Hi all!

Back in March I ran a booth at Perth’s Wai-Con Anime Convention, to promote Brave Kingdom and the How-To Manga Workshop short course (which has since successfully run with a full class of amazing students! But that’s for another post!). At the booth I did some live painting and also had a shop where I sold some framed illustrations, including a new series of fan-art illustrations I created specifically for Wai-Con called the Pokemon Scarf Series.

The Pokemon Scarf Series are handmade, framed illustrations in similar style to the Storybook Series illustrations. They are created using Copic markers, pencils and fine-liner and depict characters from the Pokemon X and Y games wearing scarfs! I’m a big fan of Ken Sugimori’s artwork and I’m loving the new mega-evolution designs from the recent games. The scarves were a fun twist to bring out a playful character in each ‘mon!

The shop did extremely well and I practically sold out all but one I was working on that day! (Mega Mawile, which I drew as a demonstration on the day!)

Here is the complete Pokemon Scarf collection 1# – 9#(including commissions), minus 10# Mega-Mawile, scanned without their frames.

Since the shop ran so well at Wai-Con it sold a lot of stock from my Webshop which is looking pretty empty! I’m planning to fix this by working on a new series of framed illustrations this year…but details are a secret for now! ^_-

If you are interested in a commission, please contact me to book.

Miner to Magnate Quiz for the WA Museum

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Hey there!

Here’s another job that I worked on last year but only went live recently.

I illustrated an online quiz for the Western Australian Museum’s Unearthed: Mining stories form the Mid West Exhibition, once again through Hungry Sky.
The Quiz consists of 18 comic strip style illustrations and is aimed at teaching users about the history of mining in West Australia, while entertaining them and then testing their knowledge!

I had a lot of fun drawing up the ideas for this, the content was originally quite dry, so while the humor is incredibly silly (and questionable…)

I still learn a lot from this job and got to draw poop to boot!
I can now proudly put this on my resume:

These are just some of my favorite drawings from the quiz:


You can try out the quiz online here at the WA Museum’s website.

Give it a go, you might learn something amusing!

Dinosaur Discovery Interactives at WA Museum

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So it’s been a while since a proper update on what I’ve been doing this whole time. I’ve done a few jobs since (some from last year) which are only now going live/completed, so I can properly share them with you.
All lame excuses aside though, I am on a nice little Eater term break from teaching at WCI, so I have the time to update my website, which I will continue to post to this week with more updates!

Today, some news to share on a most recently completed job for the Dinosaur Discovery exhibition at the Western Australian Museum which I worked on in partnership with once again the fabulous team at Hungry Sky.

Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous is a new exhibition at the WA Museum displaying more than 20 life-size animatronic dinosaurs including a whopping t-rex, spinosaurus and brachiosaurus.

As part of the exhibition I was involved in the creation of three ipad interactives designed to entertain and inform visitors about the evolution, extinction and discovery of dinosaurs. These were displayed throughout the exhibition:

The ipad interactives play like a swipe-across storybook, they have multiple illustrated layers which move at different speeds as you swipe, creating a simple animation effect. I painted the graphics on each layer for all three, here are some images from the interactives (click to enlarge):

The exhibition started last Friday the 11th April, I met up with the team and we went to check out the exhibition together. I was really impressed! The exhibition has been a great success so far and lots of tickets have sold, it was quite busy when we arrived.
There are also a number of other ipad interactives that Hungry Sky worked on for this including a free downloadable augmented reality (AR) app for your smartphone, which allows you to view dinosaur models and animations through your phone camera at certain markers around the exhibition. The markers are also on the tickets you buy, each with a different dinosaur, meaning you can collect and trade them!
……And don’t forget to open your app up on the poster out the front!

I can honestly say that everyone has done a great job and it’s a fantastic exhibit, there really is so much going on packed into that space. As someone who dreamed of being a paleontologist when she was younger, this was pretty exciting for me and I have to say I felt pretty happy when the idea of painting dinosaurs was proposed.

I want to say a big thank you to the WA Museum and especially to the wonderful team at Hungry Sky, that is Nick Lowe, Minh Tran and Felix Wai for their crazy hard work on this and for getting me involved, it’s so satisfying to see this complete and so many people enjoying it, and as always a pleasure to work with you all. And that rainbow jelly~

The Dinosaur Discovery exhibition is running at the West Australian Museum in Perth from the 11 Apr 2014 –  3 Aug 2014, more information and tickets can be purchased online here.


How-To Manga Workshop and Waicon 2014

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Hi all,

I’m proud to present to you the How-To Manga Workshop!  Which I will be presenting at Perth’s Wai-Con Anime convention this weekend!

This is a short course I will be running at West Coast Institute in Joondalup starting 30th April. In this short course, I’ll be going over how to draw manga style artwork, creating a character page, how to create a complete and screentoned comic page and how to colour artworks digitally in this jam-packed 7 week course! Computers complete with Cintiq tablets and Photoshop are provided and students can choose to create their artwork either digitally or by hand.

After two years of teaching digital painting and concept art to students I’m excited to finally share my knowledge on a style which has been a big part of my artwork for many years.

To register for the course please contact:

9233 1800

If you are going to Wai-Con this weekend, come and see me at the Brave Kingdom table for more info, or just to say hi! Look out for this banner and the giant Entling plush.

I’ll be doing some live digital painting and selling some original hand-painted framed artworks, such as these cuties below. You can also play a PC version of the Brave Kingdom game!

Wai-Con is this 1st and 2nd of March at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre. Tickets can be purchased from here or at the door.
If you were lucky to grab one of the VIP merch pack’s you’ll receive some goodies featuring my artwork of Wai-Con’s mascots Paco and Watami.

Hope to see you there!

Wai-Con 2014 VIP Merch Artwork

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Hi 2014!

The end of last year was pretty busy again with work and various projects. Now that the new year has come and I have some holidays before commencing classes again I can update on some of the projects I’ve been working on recently.

One of which was for Perth’s Wai-Con 2014 Anime convention.
Wai-con is a massive local convention that happens every year, celebrating Japanese animation, comics and pop culture in many forms. At the very end of last year, I created a series of artworks featuring the convention’s masots; Paco and Watami. These artworks were for the con’s VIP bag merchandise. These bags are sold in limited numbers and contain exclusive merchandise for con-goers to remember their weekend at Wai-Con!

This year’s theme for the convention was “Legacy”, going back to traditional Japanese roots. Here are the artworks up close that I created for the VIP merchandise such as bags, jackets, bottles etc:

Full character artwork, featuring Paco and Watami.

“Chibi” style artwork, featuring Watami.

“Chibi” style artwork featuring Paco.

I will also be attending the convention where I will be at a couple of stalls. More details on that later though!

Wai-Con 2014 will be held on the 1st and 2nd of March at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre. Tickets and VIP bags can be purchased from here.
VIP bag sales close on the 28th Jan so get in quick if you want one~!

*Wai-Con Logo and characters Paco and Watami belong to Wai-Con.



Waterlandia: Now live at Scitech

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Here’s an update for one of the projects that I worked on this half year, Waterlandia, an interactive display currently on show at Scitech.
Waterlandia is a giant interactive touch screen display which allows users to draw lines on the screen to direct the flow of water from rain. By drawing or erasing  lines and directing the water, you will discover animations and can change the whole environment of the game from dry to wet! It is aimed at teaching people about the water cycle and the many uses of water.

Concept art for Waterlandia (How-to: “Draw lines with your finger, erase with your palm”)

This exhibit was developed by the team at Scitech in partnership with Hungry Sky and myself for Scitech and the Water Corporation. I created all of the artwork and 2D assets for the display. Here is some shots of what I created for the display:

A shot of the full scene of Waterlandia, (Dry state).

Farmer: Once of the animated characters from Waterlandia.

Concept artwork/style reference for Waterlandia.

This was a huge project but extremely rewarding. I saw the final display recently and it was great to see adults and children alike enjoying it.

I love being a part of productions like this, it was so exciting to see the process of my artwork being animated, programmed and then finally becoming a part of this huge display. I really want to thank Hungry Sky for bringing me on board for this project, and the team at Scitech for making this real.

Waterlandia is currently on at Scitech in West Perth. I invite you to come and check it out, play around and see what you can discover! Scitech also had this rad Ingenious! exhibition on right now, all about engineering which I got to see recently. check it out!





Ethereal Artbook Preview

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Hi all, although I’m not allowed to show the whole thing yet, I would like to share a preview teaser of an illustration I did a while ago for the Ethereal Artbook:

The Ethereal Artbook is an Australian project to gather artists from all over to create illustrations for a charity artbook to raise money for RedKite, a foundation that works closely with children living with cancer.

Each artist is given a colour and the theme of “Earth” for their illustration. We also needed a red kite somewhere in our illustration to represent the charity. I got really carried away with my colouring as per usual, but have a go and try to guess what colour mine was!
At first I thought this was going to be really difficult, but I actually enjoyed myself a lot with this one. The complete artwork was created with inks, copic markers and coloured pencils, so I had a chance to work on something really hands on in amidst all of the digital work I’ve been doing lately. I got some good use out of my messy drafting table which was all kinds of fun. Inks and water everywhere!

Can’t wait to show y’all the final~

Also, since it’s been a while for website posts, here’s a sketchdump of some life drawing I did a while ago when I took my students to the zoo for their art class, enjoy!:

Actually, I’m not dead.

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I’ve been keeping busy with lots of projects lately including a new studio animation, a charity artwork, concept art for another game, Brave Kingdom stuff …end of semester marking.

I  enjoy it when I have a lot of work, it was quite exhausting for a while but to be honest, I start to get bored pretty quick when there’s no work on!

Because of all this, I also haven’t updated in a while so I’d like to share some of the things I’ve been busy with in the meantime (There’s also some stuff I’d reeeeeally like to show but I can’t! So wait a little longer okay?).

Firstly, Brave Kingdom Update; Brave Kingdom now has it’s own Facebook Page Click the link here to like and follow all the action and updates!
Also, apparently some time in the future, Brave Kingdom will be featured in Game Informer Magazine! I’m working on some more art for Brave Kingdom so stay tuned, kids. I now also have a test version of the game working on my phone to play around with! ^_^


Brave Kingdom Mobile Icon

And secondly, here’s a sneak peek at some of the storyboards and artwork I’ve created for Aquixel Studio ‘s  latest animation which will be finished soon! (I’ll be sure to post the full animation once it’s complete!)


I decided to do the storyboards by hand this time, for a change. I’m still a lot faster drawing by hand with pen. I then scanned these in and edited them digitally to create a storyboard document which was revised many times before (and during!) production.

This animation was a mixture of 2D and 3D animation. I drew the 2D frames which were then lightly animated in After Effects by our post-production guy! Here’s an example of the artwork:


Anyways, I’ve got more classes than usual this semester, which I’m pretty happy about. looks like things will be getting busy again this half year!