New Pinterest, Tumblr, ArtStation & DeviantArt accounts!

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Happy New Year!

As a gift, I now have pages on the following websites. Whichever one suits you, you can now follow my artwork on Tumblr, Pinterest, ArtStation, DeviantArt and Facebook! I will be updating them with more content soon, enjoy :)

Forest Colour Tests

Posted by on Dec 21, 2014 in Blog

One of the most important things, to me, when designing a background or scene is getting the colours right, I’m incredibly picky about it! It helps me pinpoint an exact mood or atmosphere.
I used to be very timid with colour, and only drew things in black and white. Now, it’s my favorite part and I get really excited seeing colours blending and forming new ones. Mixing colours is very different when you are painting in Photoshop though, it’s more of a layering process, with access to a huge spectrum of options.


Honey Buster Model Sheet & SlugPup!

Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Art

Hello! Today is a quick post including a model sheet for HoneyBuster and a new critter!
Everything’s been crazy busy now that Christmas is descending upon us, but I’ve been keeping at it and practicing some speed-painting in between my usual work. I’m very much looking forward to Christmas as a day just to eat a lot and nap all day – this, a pet rabbit and an endless supply of paper is all I truly want in life.

Here is the Model Sheet for Honey Buster: I suppose I haven’t said much about her, but she’s a bit of a hothead, and her BusterGun has the ability to retract, shoot blobs of sticky honey, and even suck up and shoot shells….

And next, introducing SlugPup!

Slugpup is actually a friendly monster, he helps SnailGuard and HoneyBuster on their journey. He excretes and drools slime from his body and when he gets excited, slime squirts out of the pustules on his back – What a cutie!

DOLPHIN 03 & Thumbnails

Posted by on Dec 6, 2014 in Art

It’s been a while since I’ve painted anything mechanical/vehicles… My partner has a collection of old sci-fi spaceship models and modern mechs that he puts together and I’m always fascinated by the interesting joints and points of articulation on them, and also the useless and also necessary details on some.
For anyone who doesn’t  (already) know, I’m a big fan of Zoids; the giant animal-like robots from the anime and toys. Lately I’d been interested in painting some animal-like vehicles but I wanted to do something a bit more subtle in aesthetics, so I created these thumbnails based off interesting photographs of animals I found online.:

These were just sketched with copic markers and black and white pens.

01: Boar, 02: Big Cat, 03: Dolphin, 04: Moth, 05: Cuttlefish, 06: Mantis.
There’s something hypnotic about shading chrome, I enjoy it so much! I chose one and rendered it at full size, this hovercraft was based off a beautiful photograph of a dolphin fetus still in the womb. Here’s how it turned out, enjoy:

Snail Guard Model Sheet & Monsters!

Posted by on Nov 28, 2014 in Art, Portfolio

So A while ago I posted about a project I started for myself, Snail Guard & Honey Buster. I’ve continued creating artwork for this idea so here’s some of what I’ve been working on!

Firstly, here is a model sheet for Snail Guard:

And introducing some of the monsters of the game, these three cuties~ Tarabat, Sloshroom and Frubble. These creatures were designed to be mixed with the forest that they live in. They have evolved so that they have become a part of the forest itself and each are a part of the ecosystem. The forest is literally alive with monsters that Snail Guard and Honey Buster travel through, and sometimes they attack!

Tarabat is very common in the forest, it floats with it’s giant puffy tail!

Sloshroom is a slow and usually peaceful creature. The toadstools on it’s back can release dangerous spores if it feels threatened.

Frubble uses it’s bubble sacks to keep itself afloat while it waits beneath the water’s surface. Once you notice a pair of floating eyes watching you it’s usually too late…

Hope you enjoyed these! I’ll be posting more monsters and model sheets for Snail Guard & Honey Buster soon!

Quality Comics Bag Design

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Hey there,

So earlier this year I did an illustration for Quality Comics to put on their plastic bags for in-store purchases. Here’s how it turned out:

It took a few months to get them printed and they’re still going through their old plastic bags – but once they start using these babies I’ll be super stoked to see my art swinging around on bags in town! Also, photographing plastic bags in the wind outside was a terrible idea…

This was pretty fun to draw, they wanted a range of different comic book heroes/heroins to represent the diversity of comics, I think the hardest thing was trying to narrow down who to put on it!
Also, *fun fact* – my favorite superhero is Spiderman! I really can’t choose a favorite comic book series though, although right now I’m pretty interested in Saga.

Quality Comics is located at 872 Hay St in Perth, next time you’re there you may get one with your purchase!

Poké Face

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So here’s a painting I did a short while ago for someone to commemorate their friend’s amazing run at the Pokemon World Championships earlier this year. Made with a watercolour wash base, pen outline and then copic marker and pencil touches.

I didn’t see the battle their Lapras had against Zapdos, Aegislash and Mawile, but apparently the atmosphere played out something like this…

Here’s the full framed artwork!

Also, the painting is called Poké Face….

Get it?


Thanks for looking!
If you’re interested in a framed commission please feel free to contact me via email!

Find Me on Facebook!

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Just a quick update and FYI, yes I have a Facebook page!

You can fine me at :

Or, just search “Lauren Fletcher Design & Illustration”

If you’re on Facebook and haven’t done so already, be sure to head over and hit a Like to keep up to date with blog posts, art and news including live digital painting and convention appearances!

Snail Guard & Honey Buster

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Introducing Snail Guard & Honey Buster !

An original video game concept I created in my spare time as a personal project. Snail Guard & Honey Buster is a one or two player game, where the player/s controls the two main characters; the strong and shy Snail Guard and the trigger-happy bee, Honey Buster. Here’s some artwork I’ve created for it including the logo design and main character artwork:

Logo Design: Snail Guard & Honey Buster

Snail Guard Character Artwork

Honey Buster Character Artwork

Honey Buster is not very strong but she is good for long-range combat, she has a good jump and shoots sticky honey with her buster gun that Snail Guard can slide on and stick to walls with. Snail Guard is strong but slow on her own. She is useful for close range combat and can withdraw into her shell and be shot out of Honey Buster’s gun!

I’ll be posting more details on this project and these characters as I progress including model sheets, monster designs and background artwork, enjoy!

Snail Guard & Honey Buster all artwork and concept ©2014 by Lauren Fletcher Design & Illustration

Quick Vector Style Test

Posted by on Oct 11, 2014 in Art

This is just something I mocked up for a client, sketched in Photoshop and then built and coloured as a vector in Illustrator. A simple but effective style!